Divine: The Series

Divine: The Series, or, Introductions are for the Week.

Здравствулте and heylas,

I mean as in Next Week; not a snarky typo. I thought I’d smash this new ship with a post of a repost of yet another repost from an exciting new web series’ site. Divine: The Series! Thanks for your perusal and hope to type at you very soon. 🙂

I wanted to post something about a new web series that will begin showing this summer, I believe. The show is called, “Divine: The Series” and there’s already been some rumblings on the web and on ubiqui-Twitter, @DivineTheSeries.  I don’t want to say too much about who’s in it because the final cast list hasn’t been published. If you like Supernatural, theological/metaphysical horror, or web series productions like The Guild you may like this, too.

The following is something I posted on the Divine blog. I hope it helps spark interest even if it’s because you hate what I wrote. ~

 Question was Theories and speculations about the show.

Seeing as how the priest witnesses Divine going from ground beef back to living person, I’m thinking the series will include a much deeper exploration of a theme visited several times in Supernatural: It’s one thing to think you utterly believe in X, Y, Z and one hell of another to have X, 6^i, Zed, Pb happen directly to yourself.
(The Supernatural instances of priests being confronted with “absolute proof” of the metaphysical include the older priest who exorcises his murdered friend’s ghost, the poor bastard who was horrified to see the Apocalypse was gonna happen on his watch in War’s episode, and God’s true servant whom a certain angel announces himself to. Sorry, don’t feel like looking up episode #’s and such atm).

 Along with the usual faith-destroying gore and pain lamentations of an uncaring God I think they’ll go to the lonely, sexy guy place. One of the glimpses of video I saw showed a late teens schoolgirl in one of those short uniform skirts running after the priest who was carrying Divine(? not sure but the guy looked bloody). I mean, it’s coming so let’s embrace that reality and admit it’ll be scary/interesting playing out on the wild and wooly Web (just no hardcore pedo stuff, please?). The character’s a Catholic priest, right? Orthodox priests wear the same shirts, pants, and collar but they can get married before their final vows is why I ask: It cuts the potential angst over heterosexual celibacy that Catholicism insists on clinging to. I hesitate to mention homosexual possibilities so no one gets too lost in sexy daydreams re: Priest/Divine. But, Hell, I said it anyway, go me! 😀

I think this “sexy” problem is why conventionally beautiful actors will happily de-prettify themselves, ala Charlize Theron in “Monster”; they want to be seen for the character, not the good looks that can interfere with the story or create false expectations/reactions in the audience. Misha looks gorgeous as a priest so I’m also wondering if he’s going to get physically scarred up (along with mentally) as part of the series.

Short list of hopes to end with: Ecumenical huddles of various Christian flavors while old barriers/prejudices fall; interweaving of Science’s numinous potential without Creationism’s foul stench; exploration of Eastern Mysticism/Religions influences on Christianity; Christendom’s mythic influences/origins (like the Isis/Horus vs Mary/Jesus thing); and more.

Geez, I meant to only write a couple few lines and there I went. See? I’m really looking forward to this!



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