The Path of the Angels

It’s a tad creepy how Google has invaded my life over the past fifteen years. From my Ubergeeky MUD implentor friend saying it was the best search engine out there, to my constant use, to the main email, and, now, to the Blog of Ages. My hope is they cleave to the path of the angels instead of veering onto (yes, you know what’s coming) the highway to hell. Google(tm) has already fallen a time or two but I can get stupid with forgiveness.

So! This post is running away from me as it’s only beginning. I wanted to explain myself a little, always an iffy process most especially when caffeine has not been consumed yet. My username was assembled/metamorphosed over time from my first name, my father’s nickname for me when he was miffed (regularly, then), a couple of my online presences from gaming, and my last two initials. I don’t usually care for self-given nicknames but I think this one has enough organic history to let it slide.

For the present (and who doesn’t like presents?) I’ll be sticking up a link to my other blog as Maria @ at Open Salon. I like the few people I’ve exchanged comments with so don’t want to give it up yet. I may update this one more frequently for ease of use and ease of just getting the fool site to load.

Time to do a little spelunking! I’ll leave you with an annoying mantra I seem to be assembling in my declining years: Gratefully Think, Randomly Act, Constantly Care.

Namostute संस्कृत



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