Creativity, come back to me! Rank begging on behalf of Divine: The Series.

I said this over at my neglected Facebook doohickey and I say it here again: Just be happy I don’t hit y’all up when Public Radio fund drive time comes around twice a year! The only way this show and these people could be more meaningful to me is if I were Catholic instead of (lapsed) Orthodox. I’ll be ignoring any paradoxes implicit there as my dad was an Ortho-priest, never mind any comments from my mental commentator booth.

Patrick Sauriol, the Patron Saint of Marketing at DIVINE: THE SERIES, has issued a challenge to faithful to help get another $16,500 for a nice even $30,000 at Kickstarter to fund more episodes. Maybe it’s that I still have pockets of need for redemption in my agnostic heart or because Misha Collins ran 83km or that I’ve just come to adore a good, funny, gorefest watching Supernatural: I’m inspired by this to share a bit more of whatever I am in Divine’s name. Being tapped out myself, I am appealing to the small portion of the world that will see this. Take part and help get excellent, innovative storytelling on the Web instead of the same old same old.

Also, if you have some extra funds, please visit Random Acts and support them. They do many clever, unexpected things in splendid ways.



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