More Divine Madness!

AKA Excuse for pictures and more Divine: The Series META!

Misha Collins ~ Bad Things

The above is remarkable! Really professional looking and a gorgeous tribute to the guy’s career so far. All this good person/theatrical stuff aside, I’d still be pretty tickled just because of his devotion to NPR. I’ve always been a listener and for about half my life have volunteered as a DJ at our little Raven station up here.

And now, I wanted to expand the hell a bit. I’ve never seen The Beautiful Life as I don’t watch TV much and got rid of cable awhile back. I peeked at some photos, though and found a couple of Ben Hollingsworth that go from the adorable to the asdfjkl.

Don’t look if you’ve got heart problems:

NOTE: None of these photos above this line belong to me. I’m hosting them as part of a mission to promote Divine: The Series.

This silly Go Team Gore thing I threw together is mine but if you like it, feel free! If you make money from it, please donate a percentage to Random Acts. Thank you!.



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