I Wish This Every Single Day.


Reblog if…

you wish we had Quidditch instead of football,

you wish we were sorted by houses instead of how popular we are,

you wish there was a Yule Ball instead of Prom,

you wish you could cast a spell to make all the bad things in life go away,

you wish the mail was delivered by owls instead of mailmen,

you wish you could have put your name in The Goblet of Fire,

you wish you could free a house-elf,

and you wish Hogwarts was your real home.

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. 🙂




Gramofon, 1981 by Wojciech Bruszewski

Following up on a previous post about a record player with four needle arms, here is another earlier example by Polish New Media artist  Wojciech Bruszewski. There isn’t much to say about this in English, all that is said is:

Record Player with four arms.
The best results: Pablo Casals – plays the cello in a ‘quartet’.

You can see a short Quicktime video of the work here

Many thanks to Michał Brzeziński for the heads up



Girls deliver ice. Heavy work that formerly belonged to men only is being done by girls. The ice girls are delivering ice on a route and their work requires brawn as well as the partriotic ambition to help. 09/16/1918

From the Records of the War Department; American Unofficial Collection of World War I Photographs, 1917 – 1918



Cas is clearly in horrific shape, enough to come down off his soul-high and be mostly himself again. He’s scared, and in that much pain.

But he didn’t come until Sam prayed. The state he was in, he was practically collapsing, but he felt like his bridges were burned more than…

ex-blood junkie: I realised why that Sam scene where he prays to Cas and Cas answers is so beautiful and painful to me.