Just a few of the many things Bobby Singer is loved for:

  • “Idjit”
  • Encyclopedic knowledge, prodigious research skills, and native wily smarts
  • Hiding copies of all his precious books
  • References to Deadwood and Deep Space Nine
  • Willingness to help “idjits”
  • His well-stocked pantry (he’s got more everywhere, see books)
  • Beautiful pronunciation of Latin
  • The flinty, hawk-eyed stare of Doom
  • Former Marine
  • Keeping all weapons well-cared for and loaded (where applicable)
  • Dashing BAMF in his suits and favorite caps
  • Willingness to humour insane godlings
  • Loved his zombie wife enough to kick out idjits
  • Cooks
  • Mechanic
  • Drives Impala SS (if someone knows year, lemme know)
  • Poured a bottle of Johhny Walker Blue on Rufus’ grave despite being unforgiven
  • Fearly sassed Sampa, “Somebody ought to”
  • Gave Crowley such an impressive kiss King o’Hell had to document same


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