Garbage and Marissa Paternoster do Because the Night

Saw this last night on the Twit (@mariqat if you don’t mind major dead air, cussing, and/or too much Supernatural gushing). | Shirley Manson is one great singer covering one of my fave ever tunes by Patti Smith (and that Bruce Springsteen person). The guest guitarist, Marissa Paternoster, had the flu or a really nasty cold but you can’t tell from her singing or her playing.

Relatedly to my checkered past, Marissa reminds me of a girl I saw play at Pat’s Grass Shack in Isla Vista back in the 80s. I have no idea if I knew at the time the name of the band she was with but she played guitar like a red house afire. Should’ve been famous like 5 minutes after playing that night but I haven’t seen anyone who out and out reminds me of her; Donita Sparks of L7 comes closest. It was somewhere between 1985 and 1988, and she had long dyed (?) black hair with a white flourish sort of like what Bonnie Raitt rocks, slender, maybe about 25 at most. Two guys for bandmates, possibly (drunk is unhelpful at times). Totally went to the improv zone and stayed there for the duration. Is it obvious I was impressed? Stupid, uninquisitive younger me.



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